2014 American Advertising
Awards of Baton Rouge

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L'Auberge Event Center

777 L'Auberge Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70820


February 22, 2014

7pm: Doors Open
8pm: Show Begins


Cocktail Attire

Heavy Hors d'Oeuvres
Open Bar


Becky Sadler

Natalie Herndon

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Monti "Kernel" Mustard

Agency Owner

Meet the “Kernel.” Most people call him this because they must. He gives them paychecks. Those not employed by the Kernel just call him a cocky, deluded son of a mother shucker. That’s partly true. Once upon a time the Kernel was a popcorn magnate who sold his shares to retire from real work to get in the agency biz. Thanks to the popularity of Mad Men no one seems to question his choice of a scotch neat for breakfast. In fact, the only time his mouth isn't wrapped around a glass it's likely beginning to vocalize the phrase, "Before we begin, let's all agree that I'm right." Sadly no one cares to acknowledge that he’s largely clueless about most things—especially when it comes to technology. To his credit he once used the word hashtag in a client meeting, emphatically stating that Louie’s makes the best hashtags in town.

Parker B. Plum


If there's anything to be said about Parker Plum it wouldn't be said at all. It would most likely be written and remain largely incomplete much like his murder mystery novels and full-length screenplay. That isn't to say he doesn't complete anything. In fact, he once passionately argued the correct use of the em dash with an unsuspecting intern. His victory and the arrival of the interns tears were signed, sealed and delivered just beyond the 30 minute mark—30 minutes more than is usually heard from him in one day.

Patricia M. Scarlett

Art Director

Not much is known about the mysterious Patricia M. Scarlett (a.k.a 18-1662.) What can be said about this aloof artist is that she likes her coffee like she likes her cats—in the double digits. She has a strong hatred of fluorescents and thinks black is the new black. In production meetings she can often be found sketching new typefaces or concepts for new crafts in her Voodoo Doll Etsy shop, "Raise Some Helvetica." Scarlett refuses to share any intimate details of herself outside of work but the large collection of Troll dolls on her desk says quite enough.

Grayson Green

Media Buyer

Short of owning a Honda Civic, Grayson Green is all about value. This meticulous media mastermind uses his powers of persuasion to simultaneously fill the client's media calendar and his appetite for free swag. Green likes the perks but hates the jerks. He despises sycophantic, ass-kissing media reps and will often use their tearful interruptions as leverage for more air time. Green's ruthless negotiating tactics aren't just confined to the work day. He always gets the biggest piece of cake, that free extra shot of espresso and once successfully negotiated with a pay phone operator for an additional 5 free minutes of time... just because he could.

Phrank Peacock

Interactive Designer

If Phrank Peacock is being completely Phrank then he likely considers you (and everyone who doesn't understand the difference between web apps and native apps) a dumbass. It's hard to blame him. He's a fluent speaker of three languages: html, css and javascript. Sure, he could add the commoner's language—what you'd call English—to that list, but when it's laced with code speak he might as well be speaking Yana. If you have the urge to Google that then you're just proving his point. This "infectious stupidity" as he calls it suits him just fine. He enjoys the solitude. Perhaps that explains why he's still the only person on the North American continent with an active Google+ account.

Ms. White

Account Executive

Friends, co-workers and yes, even focus groups, would agree that the outgoing Ms. White is simply enchanting. She's always been a glass-half-full type of gal, unless that glass happens to contain a taste of Napa Valley, then she's more akin to an office garbage-can-half-full. Ms. White is a networking wizard who truly knows everything about business—whether it's advertising or your own personal affairs. Like all successful account executives she refrains from using the word "no" unless it and a spray bottle full of water are directed at the creative department.

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Tickets for this event will be on sale January 3, 2014, please check back with us then!


Event Details

6pm: VIP & Sponsor Appreciation Pre-Party (Invitation Only)
7pm: Doors Open in the L'auberge Event Center
8pm: Show begins

Heavy hors d'oeuvres
Open bar beer & wine
Cocktail Attire


Professional Ticket: $70 each

Student Ticket: $50 each

VIP Tables feature stage seating, and will be serviced by waiters throughout the show.
Table of 10 seats (7 available): $1100
Table of 8 seats: $880

L'Auberge is offering attendants to the event a special room rate of $169. Call 1-866-261-7777 and give the Group code RADDY1. Offer is available until February 1, 2014.

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We will accept entries from 6:00pm — 9:00pm.


Single entry: $70
Campaign entry: $80

Single entry: $135
Campaign entry: $135

If you are NOT a current member and would like to enter more than 4 pieces, it is less expensive for you to JOIN AAF-BR and enter as a member! Please see www.aafbr.org/join to sign up! Also - For every 10 entries you make you will get a FREE TICKET to the show! Anyone has Addy Entry questions please email becky@tristargraphics.com or Natalie.Herndon@ololrmc.com.

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We will accept entries from 6:00pm — 9:00pm.


Single entry: $30
Campaign entry: $30

Single entry: $40
Campaign entry: $40

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